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Steel Mill Blades - Tyzack Machine Knives
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Tyzack Machine Knives

Steel Mill Blades

Blades manufactured up to 5.2m in length and manufactured under the Ultimax brand have long been the benchmark for quality and durability in steel mills worldwide.

  • Nimonic Blades for Billet and Slab shearing at very high temperatures, including forging anvils.
  • Flying Shears, Cross Cut and Cut to Length blades for hot shearing of plate and coils.
  • Dividing Shears and End Crop Blades within Bar, Section and Rod Mills for both hot and cold shearing.
  • Entry/Exit Shear Blades, Notching Blades and Scrap Cutting Blades within pickling lines.
  • End and Side Plate Shearing Blades for cold cutting of plates.
  • Blade holders, seats and shims.
  • We offer refurbishment of blade and holder sets.

Download our shear mill blade leaflet

Joanne Gibson

Sales Office Manager
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Sales Manager
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David Doman

Product Manager
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Andy Wake

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