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Tyzack Machine Knives

Guillotine Shear Blades

One of the top three manufacturers in the world for commodity and specialist machine knives, Tyzack Machine Knives is a recognised global brand with extensive experience gained over 75 years. We have specialist expertise in very long heat treated and straightened components up to 5.2m in length, which can be precision machined and ground to tolerances within 0.005mm.

Our customer base includes many of the world’s leading OEM’s with our Park brand recognised worldwide.

Guillotine shear blades

Blades manufactured to OEM specifications, under our “Park” brand.

  • Single piece blades up to five metres in length.
  • Longer blades manufactured in multiple pieces, ‘butt-ended’ and matched ground as a set.
  • Blades to suit all worldwide shear machinery manufacturers including Amada, Cincinnati, Edwards-Pearson, Haco, Imal, LVD and Ursviken etc.
  • Chevron and “Bowtie” blades our speciality.
  • Regrind service available.

Download our guillotine shear blade leaflet

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